Connecting with your buyers, users, customers on a visual level is a critical step. Ok, written material, blogs and marketing texts are great, they do a good job. But, if you want to present your brands’ personality, visual communication is the way to go

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The visual presentation allows for a much stronger bond between a brand and the customers. Eventually, this grows into liking, which in turn leads to brand loyalty. So, how to get the users to know the brand, to know the people behind it? The most effective way is visual communication, so keep reading to find out what are the first steps in creating a successful promotional video, without high costs.

Content over video quality

You Tube is a powerful tool, an omnipresent medium. It is the quickest and easiest way to present your brand or product. You Tube users do not expect the quality of the videos to be 4HD. You Tube still has that raw and authentic feeling to it; it is a place where you do not need professionals to create something meaningful. So, your job is to make sure your video shows content, creation, idea. The matter of video quality is secondary. It is what you present to your viewers is what matters, and you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment for that.

Stories on video

One of the most effective ways for a beginner to create a promotional video is to present a story. Customer testimonials are the usual way to do it, and they always get the job done. You can rely on this technique because it shows the way people connect with your brand or product and present the viewers concrete information.


The focus should always be on the customer. So, less cheap phrases and old school marketing, more customer communication. It will make the viewer feel that he is about to buy himself a way into a community, not only buying a product. Furthermore, you should always leave a few minutes for your team, for the people who made it possible. The audience will always appreciate a peek into the backstage, to get to know the people who make up the company.

Of course, a good promotional video can arise from a simple smartphone camera. The production does not need to be expensive or professional. But we have to point out that a small investment into basic equipment can get you a long way.

Basic equipment for beginners

As we mentioned above, a small investment can make a difference. Only 300 or 400 dollars can mean a difference between a good idea and a good idea with excellent visual execution.

For a professional “feel “ of your video, you have to consider investing into these four elements: a camera, audio and lighting equipment and editing equipment. It may sound like a large investment, but believe us, it will make quite a difference if you have a good idea. So, get yourself some basic gear and turn your idea into a promotional video.