You see it all the time: you have an unemployed friend who somehow has enough cash to go on holidays, buy cars and enjoy their lives. And you keep wondering where is this money coming from? All you get as an answer is that they make money online. So, how do you get on that track?


One way is blogging. A good thing about blogging is that it can be a one-man show and that it can bring you enough cash for a nice life. If you happen to be very talented, the sky is the limit. Keep reading to learn the basics of the trade so you can start your blogging career in no time.

Get your blog up and running

Well, this is usually the first step with everything. Starting a business. Don’t worry, getting a blog online is simple. The key part is to know what the blog is going to be about. If you have a clear view of what your blog topic will be, then setting up a blog will be a mere technicality. The usual steps include choosing a blogging platform, finding a host, picking a domain name and installing WordPress. That’s all there is when it comes to step 1.

Meaningful content

Hemingway did not write about boring things. Your job is to make your blog interesting and engaging. You have to let your creativity shine, your writing skills thrive and grow, and your knowledge stands out. Learn from your surroundings, read about things you want to write about, draw from your experience. Create excellent content, that’s all there is to it.


We can give you a few ideas. People like to find information on the internet, but the information they can use. So, write about solving problems, relieving fear, teaching people something new, explaining how to reach a goal or simply entertaining people. Your content has to be attractive, otherwise, you are on the road to failure.

Form relationships with readers

Social media turned the world of internet around. There are so many social media sites that it can be difficult to choose the right one for your purpose. Creating social media connections is a crucial component of the blogging business. You and your blog will be visible and accessible if you have a lot of connections. Our advice is to go for the site which attracts people who you think will be your target audience.

So, if you plan to write about tips for housewives, go for Facebook. If your blog is about business and finance, Twitter and LinkedIn are a much better choice.

Create a strong platform

Once you get going, make sure you grow in content quality, style, and craft. You should give your readers increasingly better, deeper and more valuable content. This way, you will make a name for yourself, which will lead to more readers and, consequently, more cash in your pocket. The better the reputation you have, the more influential you will be, and your audience will only grow.