Choose The Right Digital  Marketing Firm For Your Small Business: Pros And Cons

Choose The Right Digital  Marketing Firm For Your Small Business: Pros And Cons

Almost three-quarters of small companies confirm that digital marketing is efficient and that it brings positive results. However, 70% of them spend as little as 500 bucks monthly on marketing. This trend is about to change because more and more small business owners feel that even small increases in digital marketing investments can produce excellent profits.

Internet marketing is something you can handle on your own, but it will take up resources, especially your time. And this time you can spend on other aspects of your company you are more familiar with and which you can make better quickly. Managing a new department, a marketing department is a complex and time-consuming task. It is why more and more business owners rely on companies who specialize in digital marketing.


Whether you want to handle internet marketing yourself, or you want to employ a third party for the job, we have some useful tips for you, so you don’t overlook the important things. Keep reading to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing strategies and the ways to balance the scales in your favor.

Pros and Cons

First of all, before we tell you about the advantages and disadvantages, we should understand the term of digital marketing. It encompasses a broad category of services which describe campaigns presented on digital media, from social media to television. Everything that does not fall into the printed media category.


The advantages of handling digital marketing via an outside agency are numerous. For one, you get a company with experience in the field, with result-driven strategies, with good resources and connections. Furthermore, companies like these handle demographic research, project management; they can present proven success stories. Finally, they have the latest info about the new trends and topics in the trade.

The obvious disadvantages are that you will have to invest more than if you choose to handle the job yourself. Also, the job will not be done on-site, which can have several negative effects and you will feel limited immediate turnaround.


You are right – you will need to spend money to hire digital marketing specialists. There is no doubt about it and not every small business can even afford this step. And when you have tight budgets to handle, then marketing is usually the first thing to be written off the list.

However, you should think twice. Is cutting marketing the best idea? Marketing does have a bad reputation because it fails to deliver results immediately. But in the long run, investing in marketing is a good strategy. Another good thing about hiring an agency is that you will not only get a finished product, a well-prepared digital marketing strategy, you will also get the best advice on which is the best course of action for your business, according to your finances and goals. All in all, a marketing agency is an investment, of course, but a sound and reasonable one.


How To Earn Money From A Blog?

How To Earn Money From A Blog?

You see it all the time: you have an unemployed friend who somehow has enough cash to go on holidays, buy cars and enjoy their lives. And you keep wondering where is this money coming from? All you get as an answer is that they make money online. So, how do you get on that track?


One way is blogging. A good thing about blogging is that it can be a one-man show and that it can bring you enough cash for a nice life. If you happen to be very talented, the sky is the limit. Keep reading to learn the basics of the trade so you can start your blogging career in no time.

Get your blog up and running

Well, this is usually the first step with everything. Starting a business. Don’t worry, getting a blog online is simple. The key part is to know what the blog is going to be about. If you have a clear view of what your blog topic will be, then setting up a blog will be a mere technicality. The usual steps include choosing a blogging platform, finding a host, picking a domain name and installing WordPress. That’s all there is when it comes to step 1.

Meaningful content

Hemingway did not write about boring things. Your job is to make your blog interesting and engaging. You have to let your creativity shine, your writing skills thrive and grow, and your knowledge stands out. Learn from your surroundings, read about things you want to write about, draw from your experience. Create excellent content, that’s all there is to it.


We can give you a few ideas. People like to find information on the internet, but the information they can use. So, write about solving problems, relieving fear, teaching people something new, explaining how to reach a goal or simply entertaining people. Your content has to be attractive, otherwise, you are on the road to failure.

Form relationships with readers

Social media turned the world of internet around. There are so many social media sites that it can be difficult to choose the right one for your purpose. Creating social media connections is a crucial component of the blogging business. You and your blog will be visible and accessible if you have a lot of connections. Our advice is to go for the site which attracts people who you think will be your target audience.

So, if you plan to write about tips for housewives, go for Facebook. If your blog is about business and finance, Twitter and LinkedIn are a much better choice.

Create a strong platform

Once you get going, make sure you grow in content quality, style, and craft. You should give your readers increasingly better, deeper and more valuable content. This way, you will make a name for yourself, which will lead to more readers and, consequently, more cash in your pocket. The better the reputation you have, the more influential you will be, and your audience will only grow.


Promotional Videos: A Beginner’s Guide

Promotional Videos: A Beginner’s Guide

Connecting with your buyers, users, customers on a visual level is a critical step. Ok, written material, blogs and marketing texts are great, they do a good job. But, if you want to present your brands’ personality, visual communication is the way to go

Businessman holding a globe made of people - Social media networ

The visual presentation allows for a much stronger bond between a brand and the customers. Eventually, this grows into liking, which in turn leads to brand loyalty. So, how to get the users to know the brand, to know the people behind it? The most effective way is visual communication, so keep reading to find out what are the first steps in creating a successful promotional video, without high costs.

Content over video quality

You Tube is a powerful tool, an omnipresent medium. It is the quickest and easiest way to present your brand or product. You Tube users do not expect the quality of the videos to be 4HD. You Tube still has that raw and authentic feeling to it; it is a place where you do not need professionals to create something meaningful. So, your job is to make sure your video shows content, creation, idea. The matter of video quality is secondary. It is what you present to your viewers is what matters, and you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment for that.

Stories on video

One of the most effective ways for a beginner to create a promotional video is to present a story. Customer testimonials are the usual way to do it, and they always get the job done. You can rely on this technique because it shows the way people connect with your brand or product and present the viewers concrete information.


The focus should always be on the customer. So, less cheap phrases and old school marketing, more customer communication. It will make the viewer feel that he is about to buy himself a way into a community, not only buying a product. Furthermore, you should always leave a few minutes for your team, for the people who made it possible. The audience will always appreciate a peek into the backstage, to get to know the people who make up the company.

Of course, a good promotional video can arise from a simple smartphone camera. The production does not need to be expensive or professional. But we have to point out that a small investment into basic equipment can get you a long way.

Basic equipment for beginners

As we mentioned above, a small investment can make a difference. Only 300 or 400 dollars can mean a difference between a good idea and a good idea with excellent visual execution.

For a professional “feel “ of your video, you have to consider investing into these four elements: a camera, audio and lighting equipment and editing equipment. It may sound like a large investment, but believe us, it will make quite a difference if you have a good idea. So, get yourself some basic gear and turn your idea into a promotional video.


How has traditional media lost its power and influence?

How has traditional media lost its power and influence?

In the previous century the most powerful weapon, when it comes to business, was TV and commercials. No wonder so many famous companies such as Coca Cola, McDonalds and others invested so much money in marketing. They have realized that you need to present yourself in the best possible light. People need to hear about you and your product.

Traditional types of media

People used to watch TV; it was a great sensation at the beginning of the last century. Have you ever wondered how much the first movie lasted? The answer will surprise you because it only took 2 minutes and it was presenting a scene from the everyday life of middle new born class so called “bourgeois.” The brothers Lumiere wanted to promote their product and invented the new kind of art instead of that. After a while, people have realized how powerful this weapon is and created a completely new sort of vocation called advertising and marketing.

Modern types of media

As soon as people experienced this type of power they started working on its improvement. By now we have so many new types of media, we can call them social media in general. It is like bullion on the market, and it’s worth a fortune. Famous business all over the world has used to improve its company and make it one of the best on the market.


Today’s most powerful weapon

Nowadays, a company that does not have its site it is not considered as serious. Every bigger and successful company needs to have its website. Beginners usually use social media, and they have their own Instagram profiles or Twitter ones. Some of them are using blogs to promote their business and so on. They have done the entire scientifically research and create SEO writing to improve their content rank on famous browsers. It is a completely new type of business. For small companies, it is hard to pay the entire team to create their website. That’s why others decide to create a new type of weapon – user-friendly one.

Clickfunnel the weapon of the future

To save your precious time and to save your money, people invented this user-friendly type of sites. The best thing about this new generation invention is the fact that you can do all by yourself. Only one click is enough to update your sites and to add new things to improve its features. You can post new videos or blogs and change its interface in a second, only with one click.

This way you will save a lot of time and money. You will avoid all those IT experts that can cost you a fortune. It is like a bullion on the market the only thing steady on the market. It is a product of the future and the best first-aid offer for small companies and entrepreneurs that need to grow and develop. Our advice is to try your 14-day trial and decide after.


Top 10 ways to monetize a blog in 2017

Top 10 ways to monetize a blog in 2017

Whoever wants to join blogging community needs to know that there are some steps he or she should take. Usually, people start writing in leisure activity purpose, which is more than reasonable because you need to see if you are made for this type of job at all. Regarding the fact that not all bloggers are capable of writing a blog that will create an income for you and your family, you need to be wise. You need to learn how to get the attention of your target audience.

Start writing SEO content

You have probably heard so many times about SEO content. As the name says itself this is an optimized content for the most popular search engine in the world Google. Having a great article is not enough. If your target audience is not able to find it on the internet, it is like it doesn’t exist.


It is like a great quality wardrobe without any commercial, at the disaster location where nobody will be able to find it. It is invisible to others.

Why is the niche so important?

Niche is the subject you are going to present to others. Our very best advice is to do some research to see what people are interested in. You are certainly not going to write about XVI century fashion in the XXI. You need to satisfy the taste and desires of your target audience. Usual, there are a lot of great stories you can write about and make money. In the time like this, you need to amaze people, and ti seems it is harder and harder to impress them.


Do not allow yourself to lose your personality just because you want to impress. You need to find the balance between these two. On one side you need to attract them on the other, you need to keep your authenticity and keep your signature figuratively speaking.

After you decide your niche, you need to start your optimization

What does the optimization mean at all? First of all, it is a logarithm that will help you to better rank your content. If you use the exact keywords and repeat at the correct place, you will manage to put it on the top ten. It is not as easy as you think. First of all, this logarithm is changing on a daily basis and it is hard to track it. If you want to accelerate this process, you need to use tools. You need to use, word count, Copyscape, plagiarism checker, word density and a lot of others. This way it will help you to be faster and save your time.

After you did everything according to these rules, you can rest assured that your article is going to be found and read by people. People are a bit lazy and they simply like to click on the top ten pages so better make your content one of them. No matter how good you are in writing, you need to play by rules.

Why Should A Small Business Utilize A Digital Marketing Firm?

Why Should A Small Business Utilize A Digital Marketing Firm?

You are new on your market, and you want to people know about you? The answer is simple you need a commercial. However, forget about the old-fashioned commercials. They cost a fortune and at the beginning you certainly not going to be able to afford it. You need to find other ways to promote yourself on the market and to make your reputation. If you are clever enough, you will use the internet and digital marketing firms.

How to make the perfect site?

In most cases, you simply need to hire a team of experts, tell them your desires and make them create you a perfect site. What is the main issue when it comes to this? Usually, if you are a small company, you do not have money to afford it.


Your software programmer or web designer cost a fortune, and somebody needs to maintain it. Therefore, nowadays you have a less expensive option that you can maintain all by yourself with the simple click. We know that it sounds unbelievable, but it is true.

The secret of Clickfunnel sites

What is the main purpose of these kinds of sites? They usually are created to help you to be completely independent and remain focused on more important things for your business or sales. You will be able to update your website in a second. It will allow you to post videos, pictures or any content related to your job. Every Clickfunnel site is made to help you create a funnel for the money in a very simple way.


The only secret regarding this type of site is in its simplicity and user-friendly characteristics. It is very important at the beginning because you need to stay focused on your business and how to develop it, not to waste your time on site developing. However, if you want to invest money in your site without interfering with its design and others, you should hire professionals.

How can digital marketing professionals help you with your business?

They will do their job and leave you enough space and time to do yours. No matter how good you know the market you are probably not experienced enough with the internet one. They have that advantage to know how the internet market behaves that is why they can predict its reaction and to help you to sell your product better. It is highly important if you are small and nobody knows about you. Instead of paying enormous money for commercial you can simply invest in your site? To be honest, TV is no longer the most powerful media. Social networks became more powerful and more popular.

Digital marketing will provide you with professional consulting and service to improve your business in the shortest possible time. You will be surprised how quickly you will gain an enormous number of customers only because you are available and only because you made a great commercial.


Why Creating A Video Training Modules To Promote Your Product Is Good?

Why Creating A Video Training Modules To Promote Your Product Is Good?

Every product needs to be promoted if you want to sell it. No wonder so many people use YouTube for making some tutorial to promote its product range. This promoting is very practical and very popular among makeup seller. Usually, most of them make tutorials to present their product to their target audience.

What should you pay attention when this video it is about?

First of all, your video needs to be very easy to understand. Give your customers logical and useful explanations. If share with them useful tips they will start to watch you and become one of your followers. For example, if your product is makeup, make sure to provide your customers with catchy advice.


For example, provide them with consulting regarding evening makeup, smoky eyes or something that can be interesting to them. This way you will help them, and after all, you will better promote your products. You will be able to force them to buy your product.

Pay attention to quality of the video

Video needs to be clear, and the picture needs to be a high quality picture. Nobody will watch a poor quality video these days. Sometimes the quality of the video is more important than the video content. NO matter what you think the background of the video needs to be neutral if it is colorful, nobody will be interested in you; they will be distracted by colors. There are a lot of things regarding this, no wonder why the movie industry is earning such enormous amount of money.

Video presenting can send the better message to your customer

Nowadays, nobody wants to read; everybody wants to watch. We are becoming so lazy to read that image and videos are threating to become the only way of learning or communication and education. Therefore, posting your videos can be more productive than posting the smartest and the most intelligent content on your site. You need to invest a lot more effort in content than into your video. Also, make sure that your video is not too long or too short. In this instant time, if you post too long video nobody will watch it. With a lack of mental concentration and a lack of interest, it is likely your video ends up as spam.

It will upgrade and affect your sale, and you will gain more customers in less than a month. No matter what you think about the online promo, we advise you to try and to see if you are going to achieve any results. Sometimes this sounds silly, but it is working, have trust in us. The video is more powerful than any official commercial because it is on the internet, now the most popular place in the world. They are maybe not leaving their house, but still, they are finishing on the internet. As soon as you realize it, you will become the more successful.



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